Sunshine Award

>> 4/17/10

I Thank my friend Priya M for sharing this wonderful award with my blog. Thanks a lot dear Priya.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Cooking is my passion. I try not to miss my fav cookery shows. And yes ofcourse, different recipes, tips and tricks from my friends helps me a lot. When i try new recipes, sometimes it turns out good but sometimes it wont (It might need a couple of trials though). Anyways, my family and friends are happy with what i make (well.. most of the time). So i decided to start a blog, an 'all-in-one' blog. And i will try my best to make it an 'all-in-one' blog.

Collecting useful informations are one of my hobbies. The informations i collect does help me in many ways. I started saving it in my computer. Later on i thought of sharing it in my blog so that my friends and others can also benefit from it.

Once again, i thank you for visiting my blog and a special thanks to my friends who commented on my posts. I will keep updating it. Please pour in your valid suggestions and comments so that i can make my blog a better one.


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